“Sarah is an amazing teacher, extremely knowledgeable in both Western and Japanese Reiki. Sarah managed my nervousness brilliantly, knowing exactly how to lead me through to believe in my own abilities. Thank you Sarah for all the support you gave me, the whole experience was incredible!”

Sara King, Dorset

“I was made to feel really welcome. You greeted me with a huge hug which made me feel totally at ease with you ready for the day, I knew you were my kind of person as I love hugs! Your house is beautiful, all the wonderful smells when I walked in to the lounge and the view onto the garden is very peaceful. I would say I feel lighter as a result of having had the attunements. I was nervous to start but you and Bev put me totally at ease and when giving Bev the full hands on treatment I totally relaxed. I have been doing Hatsurei daily lying down as I find this more relaxing. The course material was very informative and easy to read, it was useful having it in advance and I read through it once although I didn’t attempt any hand positions as I wanted to receive the training first. It was a perfect way to learn for me, you explained everything very well and I felt totally comfortable to ask questions if I needed. The course gave me all the information I needed, the content was perfect. Thank you Sarah for making my experience so wonderful, I am looking forward to my next 2 upcoming courses with you.”

Mel Trevett, Dorset

“First of all thank you so much for an inspirational day yesterday – the first of many I hope! I am feeling so positive and starting my daily energy exercises today and I can’t wait for our next session with you. Thank you again for your splendid instruction and for your patience but most of all for introducing me to something that is so special – a new way to view and get more out of life – so positive. Our lunch was such a treat – thank you for making us so welcome. Stay blessed.”

Madaline Allen-Ellis, Dorset

“Many thanks Sarah.  It was great to meet you yesterday, you’re an inspiration and thank you for being part of my return to who I need to be.

Sending love and light to you.”

Val x, Dorset

“Just many thanks for a wonderful two days. I now feel so energised and life is good and filled with wonder – I know it sounds poetic but that is just what I feel. Last night I did a self-treatment in bed which was very good with lots of heat and some tingling in the fingers. Later on I will be sitting down with candles lit to do Hatsurei Ho and the meditations on the course CD.

The two day course was really enjoyable and rewarding. Sarah made me feel very welcome and the preparation and facilities were just right for a relaxing learning environment. The course content was very well balanced; it enabled me to learn and participate at just the right pace to make the experience enjoyable and informative. The layout of the room, the facilities and lunch were excellent. The manual was very clear and easy to understand both during the course and afterwards at home. As a teacher, Sarah is very knowledgeable and caring. She structured the course in such a way that all students gained a good understanding to suit their own methods of learning.

The group dynamics were just right – a good mix all round with excellent facilitation. The course material was good as was the balance between theory, practical and meditations. The lunches were very appetising without being heavy and making you fall asleep! Breaks were just about right in length.

Since having Reiki treatments from Sarah and doing the level one course I have not had to take any medication for my depression. I use Reiki every day and can feel the energy growing. I have been considering Reiki and doing Reiki 1 for the past 5 years but never found a Reiki Master that I felt comfortable with. With Sarah I have found an empathy and I hope to continue treatments with her in the future.

I am looking forward to framing my certificate and will put this in my special meditation space with the five principles and Mikao Usui’s picture. Thank you. Wishing you love, light and peace.”

Helena Allen, Dorset

“I first met Sarah in 2010 and since she qualified as a Reiki practitioner I have had many Reiki treatments from her. Her house is extremely spiritual and her treatment room/classroom very calming and atmospheric. Her treatments are always very beneficial and I have sent several of my friends to her who have also found her a skilled, sympathetic and talented Reiki Master.

More recently, I have completed Reiki one and two level training courses with Sarah. She is a natural teacher and always explains the material clearly. It is early days but I have very successfully treated a few friends and hope to go on to treat more people in time. Sarah is patient and sympathetic and her whole manner is easy to work with and fosters confidence in her pupils. Her courses have been very enjoyable with an excellent light lunch provided.

I would thoroughly recommend her as a teacher and as a Reiki practitioner.”

Lorna Adamson-Leigh, Dorset

“I was lucky enough to attend Sarah’s Reiki One course recently. The depth of her understanding is profound, and she is a very effective instructor. Sarah genuinely wants her students to master the skills and to reap the many benefits of Reiki, and her enthusiasm is matched by her skill as an instructor. Her powerful attunements and her patience with her students shine as a beacon of good practice. I am very grateful for the experience, the knowledge and the skills, but above all, for Sarah’s continued support as I look to build my confidence and expertise.”

John Godber, Dorset

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my first degree Reiki course which I attended last week. >From the moment I arrived, I felt very relaxed and welcome in your home. I liked the informality and being able to help ourselves to refreshments at any time. I was totally comfortable and at ease with the surroundings and the catering was great! The course was extremely interesting with enough content covered for the first degree and it was helpful to have the manual prior to the course to have an idea what to expect on the day and also to have any questions prepared for you to answer. I also found you to be adaptable in your teaching and able to tailor your delivery and content to myself and the other students on the course. Thank you for doing that and I really appreciated the recapping and clarifications, you made it all so easy to understand. The CD has been invaluable as I find listening to it relaxing and helpful with the Hatsurei instruction rather than follow my book.

I arrived at the course with an open mind and have come away feeling wonderful – cleansed and very clear headed. I am a much calmer and balanced person since attending and have adapted to the philosophy well. I am thoroughly looking forward to my second degree course which I have already booked for two months time. I am loving being able to treat myself and my dog – it’s such a wonderful gift. I feel a different person – completely on another level. It was great to receive the certificate at the end of the course – it cemented my achievement. Thank you so much for all you have done and I look forward to seeing you soon.”

Caroline Donnelly, Dorset

“After many years of questioning Reiki, I found Sarah when I moved to Dorset. First I received treatments, which were so powerful, I realised the energy was helping a number of issues in my life. Sarah then encouraged me to learn. At first I was hesitant, fearing that I wouldn’t absorb the teachings, or be a good channel. What I found was quite the opposite. Sarah’s ability to communicate the course contents, with a well thought out manual and hands on practice, plus a CD allowed me to thrive in the place where she teaches – her home – a very welcoming place. I felt myself blossom as a channel and I loved the process. I feel I have been given a second chance at loving and giving, a gift you can’t put a price on. I am filled with energy. I feel so positive and excited about life and the energy I now have to share – to infinity. Thank you Sarah, you are such a gifted soul. I feel VERY blessed.”

Loveday Copeley-Williams, Dorset

“Thank you so much for the recent Master/Teacher course I attended with you. Once again, I can’t thank you enough. As soon as I arrived, my nerves disappeared and I felt totally relaxed. You home has such a wonderful feel that one can’t help feeling good and you always welcome us with open arms.

It was helpful to have the course material prior to attending and thank you for explaining which bits were essential to learn before arriving. Your approach of splitting things down enabled me to grasp the material so much more quickly. You are an inspirational teacher and healer and without you, I would not be in such a great place – spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I am so grateful to you over the last year for your guidance and belief in me and introducing Reiki into my life. Since doing the Master/Teacher I do feel as if I have changed for the better. I feel so much more confident, cleansed on a higher level somehow. The energy is so much stronger than I had experienced in the past and it does kick in more quickly.

I am still enjoying doing Hatsurei every day and love the golden ball empowerment – lovely feeling as it dissipates throughout my body – wow! I enjoy meditating on all the symbols plus the kotodama. I will never understand how it works – it just does. I don’t think it’s important to know. I feel so blessed by Reiki and if there are those who are sceptical out there, they are losing out.

I would certainly recommend the course to anyone wishing to develop their energies – the Master’s does open doors and is so enjoyable. Thank you so much Sarah for your efforts on the course and for matching Clare and I so brilliantly. You both made the course so special for me.”

Caroline Donnelly, Dorset

“I just wanted to say a big “Thank you Sarah !” for such a incredible day spent with you last weekend studying for my second degree. I arrived full of nerves and all in a tizz but within minutes you had me relaxed and calm and ready for our training day ahead.

Your attention to detail, teaching methods and calm assuredness made it all so much easier. Your empowerments were incredibly powerful and deeply spiritual, I loved your enthusiasm and generosity in sharing your knowledge with me.

I really didn’t want the day to end, from your welcoming hug, fantastic lunch to your care and consideration shown towards me throughout the day I would have no hesitation in recommending you, both as a Reiki teacher and practitioner. When I decide to take my journey with Reiki forward it is you I will come to!”

Stephanie Jones, Somerset

“Thank you so much for my Reiki 1 course. I was made to feel very welcome and you are a lovely host. The facilities are beautiful – very relaxing and they really enhance the experience. The teaching and how you organise the day was excellent, in particular split into sections of just the right amount to contemplate and absorb.

Having the materials beforehand was really helpful to get a good handle on things and be well prepared. The attunements/empowerments took me through the whole gamut of emotions and sensations, starting with clearing some negativity from my past that had been holding me back, then lots of pink and light and warmth and the word “thank you” and feeling like I was being given a big hug. Then purple and white, blues and golds. I felt very relaxed. My hands got really hot throughout.

Now I feel really calm and settled in myself. Working with the Reiki flow feels natural.

I did get asked by my daughter to do a full treatment on her last night – she loved it. When she went to bed she asked if I could put my hands on her back where she likes a hot water bottle – cheeky monkey! My husband asked for a short head treatment to help him sleep.

I feel very calm and relaxed but fully alert, a very pleasant feeling. I have been sleeping well which is unusual for me. Thank you for everything.”

Jeni Foster, Dorset

“Your teaching methods in particular Sarah I find very gently empowering in the sense of self and connection that it gives. Guidance and support and confidence affirming in every step and every way.”

Jeni, Dorset

“I arrived on the day of my course with Sarah Eustance to a beautiful home filled with flowers and beautiful artefacts and art. I immediately felt at ease and felt like I had known Sarah for years! She made me a cup of tea and I felt relaxed and welcomed as if it were my own home.

She cooked me a delicious vegetarian meal which was very healthy and tasty and I then went for a wander in the rural surroundings which was an incredibly peaceful experience in fitting with my day. The course was brilliantly structured with the right amount of time for learning, practical experience and reflection.

I had read the manual and listened to the CDs in preparation which really helped. Sarah is a brilliant teacher who balanced the whole day perfectly and is very warm and considerate. She explained everything thoroughly and guided me with my first treatment on my lovely guinea pig Sandra.

After the attunements I felt myself feel incredibly calm and also as if a light had been switched on. It sounds crazy but you almost feel super human and gain the confidence to feel anything is possible. Since the course I have been doing hatsu rei daily and along with self treatments I have treated my mum, son, several friends, and my sister in law.

I have booked on to my level 2 course and it can’t come soon enough! I have felt energised and much happier and communicate with Sarah pretty much daily with any questions I may have. She has gone above and beyond expectation with her quick responses and advice and I feel I will always receive that lovely guidance. She has given me a gift and I will continue to share it.

The power of reiki is mind blowing and humbling and to be a vessel for such an amazing divine energy is truly a blessing and something to be shared. The feedback I have had from the people I have treated so far has encouraged me to keep going. Meeting Sarah and learning Reiki really was meant to be. I feel like fate stepped in at the right time to give me another role in my life which I can share.

It really has been wonderful! Thank you so much Sarah. You’ve inspired me and you are a wonderful teacher :)”

Melissa Allen-Denton, Dorset

“I am delighted to have received my Reiki First Degree Certificate this week, thank you.

The course content was informative and the manual useful to have for reference in the future. I found the CD’s particularly easy to listen to and very relaxing.

My Reiki Master, Sarah, ensured that the live training day went smoothly and provided a relaxing and welcoming environment for receiving the First Degree Attunements.”

Fran Fisher, Dorset

“I just wanted to let you know how much I loved undertaking my Reiki 1 course with you on the 12th Jan. You, as always, made me feel so welcome. Lunch was delicious, and was the perfect selection and was thoroughly and gratefully received.

I first came to you as you know, because I thought that reiki might be able to help me and my horse after a year of various ongoing issues. I feel that I have started a whole other life changing journey, something I didn’t expect but am so grateful for. I don’t feel that I am quite there yet but I’m not in a hurry. Following my course I am so excited to be working with the horses, dogs and the sheep! I haven’t yet worked on any of my family but look forward to doing so.

I found the manual perfectly informative and easy to digest covering all areas… without being too overbearing! So thank you for this. The CD provided was invaluable and has been since the course too! Although I do occasionally practice Hatsurei without the CD, I find it much easier with and the same for the self healing and distance healing meditations.

On the day, Sarah you were a wonderful teacher and guide, as you have been since we first met. Obviously very knowledgable, clear and easy to understand whilst always reassuring!

I have felt quite edgy and irritable since the course oddly, but calm within myself. Have been practicing Hatsurei daily but have not managed a self treatment quite so regularly!

Thank you also for your amazing and much appreciated ongoing support since. I have no doubt that if I have any questions or worries, you are there to help. And thank you again for your help with my horse issues last week!”

Sophie Buck, Dorset

“After a fairly long drive, I was received by Sarah with a hug and very warm welcome. I really felt at home and was given regular refreshments throughout the day. I was also very happy to sample some home cooking, which was gorgeous on a cold winter’s day, and especially when the day is quite a long one with much to cover. Sarah has a lovely home with a purpose built treatment room/class room which was great and I could have a change of scene when having a break and read a book in Sarah’s comfortable living room.

The course manuals were extremely well thought out and easy to understand. I think it is essential to have the course materials beforehand as it saves a lot of time and I knew exactly what would be expected from me. I went over my Reiki 1 and 2 again, which were provided as a free extra, together with CD’s, before settling down to learning all about Master Level. I used the CD’s every day in the car and listened to the meditations and other helpful information when I was at home. There was also a DVD provided which was so useful for learning about attunements and empowerments. I feel like I now have an extra string to my bow having learned both traditional Japanese Reiki and also Western Reiki. As Sarah says, I have a much bigger tool bag if I should feel the need to use it.

I enjoyed experiencing the different energies and it was fun practising the different methods and chanting the Kotodama. Sarah teaches in a very informative way and ensures you are clear about what you have learned before moving on to the next stage. She also does a recap at the beginning of the next day and makes sure you have done your homework!
I enjoyed the course immensely and in it’s entirety and although I did a lot of work beforehand, I still learned a great deal from Sarah and know how I am going to take my new found skills forward. I am very much looking forward to teaching my own courses in the future and know that I have everything I need to do so. Thank you Sarah so much and I look forward to keeping in touch.”

S Martin, Dorset

“I have recently completed my second degree Reiki course with Sarah. Wow! I really wasn’t expecting to learn as much as I did and Sarah is a fantastic host and teacher. She supplied us with the most beautiful and nutritious lunch and partnered me with another student who I got on brilliantly with and have daily contact with. I feel I have learned so much. I cannot imagine being taught by anyone else. Sarah is passionate about Reiki and her enthusiasm is wonderfully motivating. I have booked in to do my Master’s degree and it cannot come soon enough! Thank you again Sarah for an amazing day. Always an enlightening experience and am truly happy and blessed to have you as my Reiki Master teacher.”

Melissa Allen-Denton, Dorset

“Following my Reiki 1 course last Saturday, Sarah has a lovely relaxed home and I really enjoyed the course. It was extremely beneficial to have the course manuals and CD’s in advance.

Since doing the course I have practiced a couple of full 40 mins sessions and my friends and family have really enjoyed them.

Overall I am very impressed with your course content and look forward to joining your forum.”

Sarah Milton, Dorset

“I have just completed my Master/Teacher degree with Sarah, further to completing my level 1 and second degree course with her. Wow! I feel truly humbled to have learned so much from someone so wise and in such beautiful surroundings. I struggle to learn with the manuals but Sarah has such patience and even when I struggle to remember, she teaches me in such a way that everything makes sense and is still being retained. And, more importantly, used every day!

Reiki is such a powerful healing tool. My life and those of people around me has changed so much as a consequence. There are people that doubt but I can provide evidence of many that I have been privileged to have been able to use Reiki to help. There is no doubt in my mind that Sarah and her teaching can really help those who become practitioners and those who they then help. It is very much like a butterfly effect and I have every confidence that it really does provide very positive changes. The food was delicious and nutritious, and we had a lovely selection of teas to keep us going throughout the day!

A very intense course but I certainly felt euphoric afterwards! Thanks Sarah!”

Melissa, Dorset

“Thank you for your excellent course. There was a lot to take in in one day but having the manual and cd beforehand helped me to prepare and to understand the process, so was very useful. Your lovely home is a welcoming and relaxing venue and your warmth and friendly approach gave me confidence. The lunch was delicious with so many choices I was spoilt.

I have enjoyed reading all the handouts and have done the Hatsurei Ho and the self healing meditation every day and the hands on self treatment today. I have done distance healing twice and am planning to give a full treatment later today to members of my family.

Yesterday I attended a formal meeting to provide support for my stepsons partner and was able to stay calm and focussed and to speak on her behalf which I feel I can at least partly attribute to your course. Even though the outcome of the meeting was not what she hoped I have been able to help her find positives to work towards and hope that by giving her Reiki she will overcome her anxieties and be better able to cope with the challenges to come.”

Jessica, Dorset

“I am particularly grateful for you giving me access to your level 1&2 manuals and their corresponding audio files. I’m really pleased that I found the time to study them properly before studying the Master course materials. I thought the combination of audio, DVD, written and taught learning worked extremely well. I have continued to work through the exercises since the weekend.

I carried out my first First Degree attunement today (on my husband) I’m really looking forward to trying a First Degree empowerment tomorrow. He is a ‘non believer’ so I’m looking forward to changing his mind! He said he felt something ‘open’ in his mind so tomorrow will be very interesting.

I really liked Sarah Eustance, she was very welcoming and had gone to a lot of trouble to prepare her home for the course. She had a very factual approach and I felt she was very thorough, making sure I 100% understood what she was teaching me. Which was great for me as if I decide to do something I want to do it brilliantly with no half measures!

I have just joined the Facebook group and signed up to your newsletter.

Many thanks for everything – I am very much enjoying my reiki journey.”

Ellie Leger, Dorset

“I really enjoyed the course and thought the content was very interesting and beneficial. The course certainly did meet my expectations. I found the manual easy to read and digest and it complemented the live training perfectly, especially the chapter re hand positions.

I absolutely loved the CDs especially the meditations and self healing one.

My teacher Sarah Eustance was very warm and welcoming and put me at ease straight away. She put across her teaching n a very positive and encouraging manner which maintained my interest throughout. Her own enthusiasm about Reiki shone through. and am looking forward to doing Reiki 2 with her.”

Vicky Budden, Dorset - December 2017

“I was given a very warm welcome from Sarah. She always puts us at ease and makes us feel at home. Sarah’s house is amazing… very calm and tranquil and her treatment room is very relaxing… beautifully decorated with a lovely feel to it. Sarah encourages us to make drinks whenever we want and is always offering us beverages between work.

I found the course material very interesting and informative. I especially enjoyed listening to the meditation CD’s. These are invaluable. Sarah told us how she had to learn the symbols just on the day of her training so she likes us to have the course material in advance so we have plenty of time to learn them.

Sarah is a natural Teacher… just the right amount of Learning, Digesting and Practical Work…. Plenty of time to ask questions and go over bits if we need to. I really enjoyed the day… Amazing, and I want to continue with Sarah’s courses in the future.”

Vicky Budden, Dorset - February 2018

“I am new to Reiki and found the course content to be excellent. The course went beyond my expectations.

The course materials were excellent. The manual was well written clear, and informative and a perfect introduction to Reiki. The CDs complemented the manual perfectly and it was very useful to have the guided treatments. I found the CDs particularly useful as I was able to copy the content to my mobile phone so that I could access my training pretty much anywhere. I used the CD at home and in the car.

The live training was amazing, Sarah Eustace is a lovely lady who made me feel very welcome and instantly put me at ease. Her home was relaxing and, for me, a perfect venue for this course. I enjoyed her teaching because she is so calm.She explained what was about to happen next and she regularly checked that the other attendee and I had understood what had just been said and gave us chance to ask any questions we had. I found the chance to do the home study before attending the course very useful rather than having a two day course. I had anticipated that I would enjoy the course but was astounded at the number of sensations and visual experiences that happened to me. It was a little overwhelming but amazing.”

Juliette Irving, Somerset

“I did my level 1 Reiki with Sarah Eustance and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. From the moment that you walk in, you are made to feel so welcome and relaxed. The space has an amazing energy and is the perfect place to spend the day!

The course material, which we were able to study before the day is easy to understand and informative. Being able to read through material in advance meant that we could digest a lot of information before the course, which made the day much more enjoyable. The CDs are great and I find using them since the course helps with meditation.

The attunements were wonderful, I never wanted them to end and since completing the course I have felt amazing in myself but also completely confident to carry out Reiki on friends and family. I have booked Reiki 2 already.

Sarah is a wonderful teacher. She explains things in a concise, easy to understand format and is kind and caring and is so happy to help with any questions, even after the course. I would have no hesitation in recommending any of her courses.”

Bev Welch, Somerset

“What did you think of the course content?

This is excellent, clear and easy to understand, and I particularly like the way the simplicity of the original Usui teachings are stressed, as opposed to the complications of the later accretions

Did the course meet your expectations?

Very much so. I have other manuals, but none of them can match the clarity and depth of the Reiki Evolution materials

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?

These are truly excellent. Everything is clearly explained, and I particularly like the way all learning styles are catered for so that we can learn in the manner that suits us best, or jump about between them!

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher?

I particularly appreciate the pre-course preparation which offers plenty of time to become immersed in the system and to learn the essentials. You are then ready to make the most of the live training, as you are already well prepared.

The live training was a wonderful experience. Sarah provided a warm, relaxed atmosphere so that it was easy and a pleasure to assimilate all the practical aspects we needed to learn

In Summary

For me this is the perfect way to learn. Thank you Taggart and teacher Sarah.”

Nick Riley, Somerset

“After doing my reiki level 1 and level 2 with you it was already clear what a caring, loving person you are. So it was obvious to take my Reiki Master course with you as well. The way you teach and explain is just wonderful. The moment I step into your house, there is a calm and peaceful feeling coming over me and as expected I had 2 amazing days.

The way you teach is relaxing, interesting and very clear.

I feel lucky to have found you and you have no idea how much it helped me get in a much better place in life.”

Janette Sztokman, Dorset

“Really enjoyed the course. Manual and CD very easy to follow and very informative. Live course tutor was welcoming and thorough in making sure info was understood fully.

Definitely feel that home study for all basics are a good way to learn as can be don’t at your own speed…. would have been very tiring to do everything in 2 days.”

Linda Rogers, Wiltshire